Welcome to the Wingwoman Strategy Program!

 I am Laura Lee Wood, Executive Relationship Coach and Founder "Nashville Wingwoman". This program was designed specifically to help single men create a strategy to revamp and relaunch their online dating profiles so they experience more matches, more dates, and more of what they desire from their dating lives!  

Are you starting to doubt that you'll ever meet a "good" match with online dating? Or that you don't seem to be attracting the kind of woman you desire to date? 

Well, I understand. I get it. You aren't attracting "good" matches and you're ready for a change. You desire more from your dating life. More matches. More dates. You desire to attract a woman you respect as your "equal".  

The truth is that you have the ability to attract the brilliant, beautiful woman you respect as your "equal" through online dating, your social network, and through strategic expansion of your community. 

Even if you doubt it, trust me when I say that you do. You have the choice to make attracting her a priority in your life and to do so in a systematic, strategic way with the help of a The Wingwoman Strategy. 

"Laura knows woman. I literally poured my heart out to her during our session about everything I am looking for in my male partner. If you are a guy who is not sure what you are doing wrong when it comes to the Ladies... You need the Nashville Wingwoman." Kate, Client  

Why are the words so important? Does it really matter that much?  

Here's the bottom line.. Every word, photo, and image created matters. The image you create using words and photos in your dating profile will be what attracts HER. The problem is that your profile now isn't yielding the results you desire which means it's time to let your wingwoman help on this one. 

The Tricky Part... Words are never just words for women. Words spoken and words unspoken have meaning to women. And, women can view an image in so many different ways that you cannot even begin to imagine the craziness that comes from assuming too much or too little from a simple photograph. This is precisely the reason being strategic in how you draft and deliver your profile has such significant impact on your dating life in helping you attract the kind of woman you desire to meet and date.  

The Reality... To get the results you desire, your online dating profile must be strategically written in a way that is interesting, intriguing, and appealing. And, to captivate the attention of the kind of woman you deeply desire to attract, your profile must be sensual enough to create desire in her to learn more about you and peak her interest enough for her to envision a date with you.  

I know what women want, need, and desire from YOU in a profile to create curiosity within her to learn more about YOU.  

Here's what one client had to say about the importance of a creating an online dating profile strategy and the results he experienced: "Laura’s coaching was instrumental in building the right presence to attract the kind of woman I was looking for. She gave me some great ideas, and took my profiles in new directions; things I never would have considered. The results were immediate, and a dramatic improvement compared to what I was doing without a Wingwoman." Nick, Client  

Based on my clients' experiences, once the profile becomes a more accurate representation of a man's values, beliefs, desires, and lifestyle, my clients have reported that they immediately began attracting matches who were the kind of women they desired to date.  

What's included in the Wingwoman Strategy Program? 

You will receive a virtual 90-minute coaching session with Laura Lee Wood, Executive Relationship Coach. 

Laura has a degree in Psychology, practiced law for a decade, has studied relationship dynamics for over 17 years, and has worked with hundreds of women as a relationship coach. Laura understands the psychology of courtship and what both men and women desire from the beginning of courtship all the way through to a committed relationship. 

The details of this program are pretty simple, really. It's a short process once you complete your intake packet, all we have left to do is to schedule our virtual session to discuss exactly what steps are necessary for you to attract the kind of woman you desire to have in your life. I review the intake packet and your current online dating profiles in advance so I can make recommendations during our virtual coaching session together.  

Normally, this coaching call will be scheduled for a 90-minute session and you will leave the session with my feedback, suggestions, and edits to your online profile, feedback & recommendations regarding photos for your online presence, and ideas on how you can meet women who have similar interests in your community.  

When you are clear on what you desire to attract into your life, creating a profile that speaks to that woman becomes much easier. And, that is where the magic happens! That's how you attract her into your life. Together, we create a profile written for her.  

Join The Wingwoman Strategy Program  

For a limited-time, this program is being offered for a one-time payment of $397 for a 90-minute virtual coaching session to revamp and relaunch your online dating profile.

This is an offer for you to take fast action so you can see rapid results in your dating life. Are you ready for more matches? More dates? More of what you desire? YES! YES! YES! 


My clients are fast action takers and they get rapid results, especially with online dating. Once their profile is revamped and relaunched, the results are almost immediate. "According to my client Jeff, "Within 24 hours, I could see a major change in the quantity and high quality of women I was attracting. In fact, I have the best match I've had in a long time, and I am hopeful she is the love of my life!" 

When you are intentional about the woman you desire to attract, writing a profile to attract her is much more effective in getting you the results you deeply desire. According to my client Nick "The results were immediate, and a dramatic improvement compared to what I was doing without a Wingwoman." 


It's decision time. Are you a "YES" to more? 

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